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Adult Day Care

At Mt. Zion Economic Community Center, Inc., we believe in helping our fellow man. In fact that is part of our daily mission. Because of that commitment we open our doors to people of all backgrounds regardless of race, age, religion or income. To better serve our community we have two programs available for the public. Our Adult Day Care for the elderly and adults who are disabled or have  developmental and physical  impairments.We have a large functional building that can decorated or arranged to meet a multitude of celebratory occasions.

Mt. Zion Adult Day Care is a service offered to help better the lives of the elderly as well as adults who are disables or with developmental and physical impairments within our care range. We offer physical and cognitive exercise as well as interaction with peers. We also understand the hardships that come with caring for a loved one. A side benefit of the program is giving the Caregiver a break.

Renting the Building

We have a variety of large spacious areas to accommodate the needs of  most gatherings. Our full kitchen, banquet hall, day room, full court basketball gymnasium and picnic area in the back are available for rental.

The closest thing to being cared for is to care for someone else

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