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Renting the Building

Here at Mt. Zion Economic Community Center, Inc. we are proud of our facility. We enjoy our spacious and multifunctional  rooms. We feel that you should too.That is why we offer our building to you at a reasonable price.

When renting the building you have a choice as of which rooms you want to be made available to you and your guests. The rooms available for rental are our full sized kitchen and its amenities, the large, spacious, and multifunctional  and accommodating banquet hall, the full court basketball gym, all 4 of the bathrooms, and the picnic area in the back of the building.

The Building is rented on an hourly basis. We operate on a security deposit system. This system also includes the stipulation that a date remains open until the agreed upon security deposit is paid in full.

Renter is responsible for all damages and incidents that occur while building is being rented. Security may be purchased at an additional cost calculated by the number of individuals needed and the number of hours requested.

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